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Why Does Rage Define ‘Parasite’ and Other Popular East Asian Movies?

Thessaly La Force Many thriller and horror films from Japan, China and South Korea reveal a complicated relationship between those societies and the ancient tenets of Confucianism. THE CENTRAL OBJECT in the director Bong Joon Ho’s newest film, “Parasite,” which … Continue reading

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Artist Zadie Xa on Art Night festival, sea animals and highlighting minority stories Ben Luke – Evening Standard When I walk into a yard behind Zadie Xa’s East End studio, she’s in the middle of a fascinating process. With her husband, artist Benito Mayor Vallejo, she’s just revealed some unmistakable shapes from … Continue reading

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Locked and Loaded for the Lord

After the Rev. Moon died in 2012, his church split apart. Two of his sons established a new congregation. Their followers are eagerly awaiting the end times. And they are armed. Story by Tom Dunkel Photos by Bryan Anselm … Continue reading

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I Grew Up Around Korean Beauty Products. Americans, You’ve Been Had.

By Euny Hong I admit it: I use Korean snail slime face serum. It’s purported to contain anti-aging properties. I have no opinion as to whether snails are particularly young-looking, but my experience is that their excretions do work on … Continue reading

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Neighboring Country’s Mean Behavior: Written by Jong Phil

#NorthKorea accuses #China of “dancing to tune of US” re sanctions. #DPRK‘s most explicit attack on #PRC yet Newstream Pyongyang, February 23 (KCNA) — The DPRK made a complete success in the test-fire of surface-to-surface medium to long-range strategic ballistic … Continue reading

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The Irrational Downfall of Park Geun-hye President Park Geun-hye is deep trouble. The stories have been out for a few days now, and even the English-language papers have caught on. Park’s confidant has been running a massive slush fund, as she extorted more than $70 … Continue reading

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A memoir: Shin Sang-ok, Choi Eun-hee and I By An Hong-kyoon My phone rang. The caller was the press officer at the Korean Embassy in Washington. “Mr. Shin Sang-ok and Ms. Choe Eun-hee are scheduled to hold a press conference. Our embassy wants you to act as … Continue reading

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Unethical Conductor and the fate of Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra I am Sang Soo Kim, a playwright, a producer, and culture critic living in Korea. I won the Dae Jong Award (the equivalent of a Korean Oscar) for the best screenplay in 1996.   As an artists, I pursue social … Continue reading

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Kim’s uncle Jang Song Thaek purged and killed Kim Il Sung, North Korea’s first leader, reportedly took such exception to the boyfriend of his daughter Kyung Hui that he had him expelled from university and despatched to the distant city of Wonsan. Undaunted, Jang Song Thaek eventually … Continue reading

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South Korea to exert “soft power” internationally through books

By Maya Jaggi Paju Bookcity, a 21st-century hub for the South Korean book trade less than an hour’s drive from Seoul, appears oddly deserted under limpid blue skies. But amid its understated eco-architecture are keys to understanding not just … Continue reading

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