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Kim Jong-un’s Image Shift: From Nuclear Madman to Skillful Leader

SEOUL, South Korea — He ordered his uncle executed and half brother assassinated. He spent millions developing and testing a hydrogen bomb and intercontinental ballistic missiles as his people suffered severe food shortages. He exchanged threats of nuclear annihilation with … Continue reading

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Korea Execution Is Tied to Clash Over Businesses

By CHOE SANG-HUN and DAVID E. SANGER Published: December 23, 2013 SEOUL, South Korea — The execution of the uncle of Kim Jong-un, North Korea’s leader, had its roots in a firefight between forces loyal to Mr. Kim and those … Continue reading

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A Writer Evokes Loss on South Korea’s Path to Success LIKE so many South Korean parents at the time, Shin Kyung-sook’s mother saw education as her daughter’s best chance of escaping poverty and backbreaking work in the rice fields. So in 1978 she took her 15-year-old daughter to Seoul, … Continue reading

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