From the Goldsmiths catalogue

Misun Won chose a circle for a basic unit as it is a more efficient geometric figure and lends itself to 3 dimensional forms. She has used multiple circles to develop an assortment of complex forms in silver, making a subtle and varied collection of objects based on the idea of Korean patchwork. She makes patterns from one sheet of silver using basic techniques such as saw piercing, bending and soldering, creating complex forms on their own or in combination with precious and non-precious material. She also developed some functional and symbolic containers using the “patchwork” of circles to form supporting, light-reflective and playful rhythmical structures.

Serena Park’s works are exquisite and timeless scuptural pieces. Her jewellery combines glass blowing, traditional goldsmithing, and modern jewellery making techniques. It is about a message of harmony – a harmony between the different materials of glass, gemstones and precious metal, and also how nature tunes with the human body. Furthermore, the contrasting materials of glass and metal represent the two sides of human beings – their fragility and their tenacity. All of these elements conjure up a sense of the “marvellous” and bring the “elegant refinement of the goddess” into ordinary life. Although an aesthetic of consistency runs through all of her works, each of Serena’s collections has a totally different theme from the others – making each one a truly unique experience.

William Lee’s work is always reainsed from one piece of silver, thus “seamless”, and he has the rare gift of transposing a “soul” to the finished piece of metal.

The Beaker is an exciting sized object within his collection as normally he works on large scale form.

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THis collection is also hand raised from a single sheet of silver with the hammered surface texture to bring vitality to the forms. William has added surface finishing that looks like icicles that are formed by water freezing as it droups. It conveys a benign emotion of tranquillity and peace plus a feeling of “natural” mind.

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